Run a course

The Money Course is designed for churches and other groups to use in their own communities. The subject of money affects all of us and yet many of us struggle to manage it well. Our hope is that the Money Course will go some way to addressing a real need within the community you serve.

The Money Course is FREE to download – all we ask is that you register any courses that you run so that we can make that information available to potential guests, as well as monitor the take-up of the course.

Getting started

  • Please begin by creating a new account – this will give you access to all the Money Course resources to download for free
  • As soon as you know the dates for your course, please return to the Money Course website and register your course. This will ensure that your course details are available to any potential guests who search for their nearest course via the website
  • Use the course flyers to advertise your course, adding your own local information. Course flyers and postcard invitations can be ordered from the Alpha Print Shop
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What documents are included in your download?

Once registered, you will get free access to all the resources needed to run a course including;

  1. Leaders' Guide: detailed guidance for running a Money Course in your setting.
  2. Talk Scripts: full text scripts of each of the eight talks to be used to present the course, as well as all the guest exercises.
  3. Budget Coach Handbook: comprehensive training for your leaders to equip them to provide one-to-one support to guests during or after your course.
  4. Presentation: a bespoke presentation to accompany your course containing 20 different video clips for you to use in your course.
  5. Guest Manual: a Guest Manual for each guest to accompany the course with guidance on the areas covered and space for their own notes and reflections.