Welcome to the Money Course

Blending down-to-earth wisdom with tried-and-tested practical teaching, the Money Course is designed to help individuals explore their personal relationship with money and take control of their individual or household finances.

The course can be run by any church or organisation seeking to address the very real problem of financial ill health in the communities they serve.

Check out the BUDGET BUILDER! Use our unique online tool to create, organise and save your own personal budget. Or click here to return to a budget you have already created.

Why do the Money Course?

  • Explore your relationship with, and attitudes towards, money
  • Get advice on budgeting and managing money, regardless of your financial circumstances
  • Regain control over finances where things have got into a muddle
  • Get support if you are worried about, or struggling with, your financial situation

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Interested in running a course? The Money Course is designed to be run by churches and other groups for their local communities. Follow this link to find out how.

Need debt help?

The Money Course is not a debt remedy. Find support if you are struggling with your debts (UK users only).